E90/E92 M3 Performance Fiters by S & B FiltersĀ 
S & B Filters manufacrurers, on a private label basis, filters for some of the most popular filters on the market. If you’re not familiar, private labeling means that companies contract with manufacturers to make their prodcts and put their own brand to the products. So, many of the filters you THINK are made by the company are, in fact, an S & B Filter. This is VERY common and there is nothing wrong with it, except that, as these private label companies successfully market their brand, they often are able to charge substntially more then the prices charged by the manufacturer. S & B was the manufacturer of the very popular Streamline Filters for the E46 M3, 330 & 325s. Why pay for that expensive private label brand name?

Unlike other popular filters, S & B is one of few manufacturers that owns ISO 5011 testing equipment. Anyone can make a filter that flows well, but how much dirt is getting past the filter into your extremely expensive engine. If your filter is made by a manufacturer that doesn’t have ISO 5011 testing eqiupment, then they really do NOT know the efficiency of the filter.

We bought an E90/E92 M3 air box sent it to S & B and asked them to make a filter for the newer M3s. Check out our eBay store for the best filter you can buy for your E90/E92 M3 at a great price.